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Recently, thin urethane pyramids or wedges that operate from about 200 MHz to 1000 MHz have been combined with ferrite tiles that are effective from 30 MHz to 600 MHz. The combination of these two absorbers, along with properly chosen dielectric layers, results in an ultracompact wideband ‘‘hybrid’’ absorber that exhibits excellent performance from 30 MHz to 1000 MHz (15,16). These ‘‘hybrid’’ absorbers are discussed in detail in (3). In this chapter, we discuss the ferrite tile, ferrite grids, and hybrid combinations of urethane and ferrite absorbers typically used in electromagnetic test chambers for the 30 MHz to 1000 MHz frequency range.

Suppose a tensile stress is applied along the [001] direction then in any domain α1 = 1, α2 = 0, α3 = 0, and γ 1 = 1, γ 2 = 0, γ 3 = 0, so Eq. (10) simply reduces to In iron and silicon-iron alloys, λ100 is positive so E is negative, showing that the tensile stress reduces the free energy of this domain structure which initially was in a low energy state so the structure remains unchanged. If the material were magnetized along the [001] direction under ac conditions the presence of the stress would have no effect on the loss.

9 Figure 11. Plan view of 1 layer of laminations in an ideal 3-phase core with primary coils around limbs A, B, C. Flux and Loss Distributions in Transformers The flux distribution in a power system transformer depends on the core geometry, the B-H characteristics of the core material, the operating flux density, the frequency of magnetization, and the presence of mechanical stress or temperature gradients. Most interest is focused on cores assembled from grain-oriented silicon-iron where the high anisotropy makes the flux remain substantially directed along the rolling direction throughout most of the core volume.

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