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By George S. Maloney

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7 In process thought, as Whitehead develops it, there is given to us a variety of relationships which have played upon us and have brought about our experience in a particular way. The converging process brings this rather than that to a focus. Page 14 What in older philosophy might have been seen as a chain of cause and effect is seen in a much richer understanding of occasions, pressures, movements and events which come to focus at this or that point. For Whitehead, the thing which secures the identity of each particular occasion is its "subjective aim" which is proper to each series of occasions.

Since God is wholly absolute, nothing whatever can make the least difference to Him. God's perfection is in every sense statically complete, an absolute maximum, so we can no more increase Him by our best efforts than diminish him by our worst. 10 According to Whitehead's main outline of his doctrine of God, there are two aspects of the divine nature. The first he calls the "primordial nature" of God. This is the ordered realm in which are found all the possibilities of values and meanings that are relevant to existence.

21 A Living Theology Through a correct apophatic theology there is no opposition to cataphatic theology. It encourages a positive theology expressed through rational concepts, but it constantly tells positive theologians that the expressions used by them are not really the way such and such a perfection or relation exists in God. It stimulates them to open up to the mystery of a living contact with the immanent God who comes in a living experience. The apparent conflicts between a speculative theology and that of a more mystical, experiential nature are resolved or made ''livable" in the Liturgy of the Church, the experiential drama of dogma that takes the faithful into the heart of mystery to meet the living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob beyond any concepts.

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