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Chem. , 75, 2532 (1953). 31 % CHAPTER 34 The steps in the reaction are as follows: Peroxide (1) CH8 R C -f > radicals for chain initiation CH3 O I II I (2) II CH a--C H > RH + CO + C I CH 8 CH 8 II I C -f < C II II II CH 2 C H > C~CH 8 Thus the average -f CHo OJrijj C-Jrijj CH8 CH3 O I CH 2 (neophyll radical) CH 3 CH8 (3) CH 2 I C CH 2 + CO C/H 8 depends on the probability of encountering an aldehyde molecule and hence on the lifetime of the neophyll radical aldehyde concentration. At high aldehyde concentrations the radical removed by reaction (3) before it has an opportunity to rearrange.

Popper, and H. Seefried, W. A. Waters, /. Chem. , 1942, 266. , 55, 1816 (1922), 56 57 D, I. Relyea and D. F. De Tar, /. Am. Chem. , 76, 1202 (1954). CHAPTER 30 The II substitution reactions of free radicals give considerable para- oriented product even directing group. A 68 when the substrate molecule bears a metais "meta-directing group" of course defined which the attacking reagent by its a cation or potential cation. Groups that are not able to distribute or stabilize a positive charge can nevertheless distribute the unpaired electron effect in reactions in is : but (a high energy structure) The complexity of the product is one of the better criteria for a mechanism involving unstable free radicals.

J. B. Conant and R. F. Schultz, /. 40 Am. Chem. , 55, 2098 (1933). ) a J. Coops, H. Galenkamp, T. Haantjies, H. L. Luirink and W. T. Nauta, Rec. trav. chim. 67, 469 (1948); J. Coops, H. Galenkamp, H. L. Luirink, A. N. Balk, and W. T. Nauta, ibid. 68, 160 (1949). The same thing happens when the presence of oxygen. 41 The oxygen is alkyl halides are treated with silver in reaction with silver in the absence of methods used to prepare the stable of course one of the triarylmethyl free radicals. CH 8 H CH 8 v O.

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