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Extra info for Activating 1001 Academic Words for IELTS: ..and Other English Language Tests

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Student B 226. You could call karate and judo very violent sports. Yet these sports do not seem to cause as many injuries as in rugby or boxing . Why not? ) Begin: "Karate and judo are very violent sports like rugby and boxing .... ". 228. If you drink too much alcohol at a party, you might not be able to stand up. What else might not be possible? (Use nor .. . ) 230. A lot of paper and pens were disappearing from the office. One of the workers always came in early and left late and he always carried a rather large briefcase.

What did she discover? 271. She was very keen to keep her job and even hoped to be promoted. So, what did she do to impress her boss? 273. To be a doctor you cannot be afraid of blood. You must be interested in the body and be a careful and caring person. But what else does it require? ) 275. He needs 108 points to get a degree. He can take six courses each year, and each of them is worth six points. So, what did he calculate? 277. He's a millionaire and he's merely what? She was drinking in a hotel and she was merely what?

28. He'd like to be a policeman but to be a policeman requires what? 30. The judge sentenced the man to life in prison for murder but then reversed his decision. So, what exactly did the judge do? And why did he do this? 32. People who live in the Appalachian Mountains in the United States sing folk songs very similar to British folk songs from the 1800s. Can you explain? ) 34. To take the perfect natural photograph of your family in a -landscape, you need favourable conditions. What are they? Explain in detail.

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