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Partial monocyte depletion led to a 30- to 100-fold increase in the generation of anti-SRBC forming cells with purified SPA addition, a 10-to 100-fold augmentation when Con A was the activator, and a 7-fold increase when PHA was the stimulant as compared to stimulated cultures that were not monocyte depleted. Similarly, Levitt et al. (1981)and Lawton (1982) have described substantial immunoglobulin synthesis by lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated peripheral blood B cells if the cells were partially monocyte depleted, but not if unse- 34 THOMAS A.

The synthesis of IgM per B cells in culture at a ratio of nine unirradiated T cells to one B cell was only 22% of that observed at a one T cell to one B cell ratio (Fig. 4A). However, the synthesis was increased to 132% of this value if the T cells used at T:B cell ratios of 9:l had been irradiated prior to coculture. In addition, when lop5 M hydrocortisone was added to these cultures, the immunoglobulin synthesized at a T:B cell ratio of 9: 1was greater than the synthesis of T and B cells cultured in the absence of hydrocortisone at a ratio of 1:l (Fig.

This experience has been confirmed by 44 THOMAS A. WALDMANN AND SAMUEL BRODER others and a high T-cell to effective B-cell ratio does not appear to be an adequate explanation for the profoundly increased suppressor cell activity observed in a subset of patients with common variable immunodeficiency. An additional issue that can be addressed with the use of a variety of polyclonal activators that differ in their propensity for activating prosuppressor cells to suppressor effectors relates to the nature of the cell abnormality of the suppressor cell network that may exist in these patients.

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