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Initially released via the Air college at Maxwell Air strength Base, normal Momyer's own memoirs offer various special views. "What I provide during this ebook, as quite and as in actual fact as i will be able to, is an account of how airpower seemed to me from the views i feel will subject so much to airmen. i do not checklist those perspectives within the desire that airmen, even my buddies, will approve them. in reality i am hoping that each one of our airmen who research them will accomplish that severely. We shouldn't count completely upon yesterday's principles to struggle tomorrow's wars, in any case, yet i am hoping our airmen will not pay the associated fee in strive against back for what a few of us have already purchased." common William W. Momyer usa Air strength (Retired)

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General LeMay, General John P. McConnell (who succeeded LeMay on 1 February) and other senior airmen felt strongly that the initial conception of ROLLING THUNDER was too restrictive. They agreed that the LOCs below the 19th parallel were important parts of the North Vietnamese logistical network, but the vital elements of the system were North Vietnam’s ports, railroads, marshalling yards, bridges, and supply centers; there were relatively few of these in the southern part of North Vietnam. Furthermore, as supplies funneled southward, it became increasingly difficult to destroy them in large quantities because of the absence of open terrain and natural choke points.

The objectives of Phase I were to reduce the flow of logistics by battering the LOCs with almost continuous attacks and to provide a clear indication to the North Vietnamese that we would increase the scope and intensity of the war if they continued their efforts to overthrow the government of South Vietnam. Phase II would be a six-week campaign to sever the northeast and northwest railroads to China. Most logistics coming from China (except for large bulk goods which traveled by ship) were carried on these lines.

18 The Army view was essentially that of Secretary McNamara. He believed that the war should be fought in South Vietnam and that the main roles of Airpower should be close air support and interdiction of lines of communication south of the 20th parallel and in 15 Laos. The Secretary felt that the threat of air attacks on military and industrial targets could influence the North Vietnamese to restrain their support of the Viet Cong, but he disagreed with LeMay and other senior airmen who insisted that the only way to end the North Vietnamese pressure on South Vietnam was to destroy the war-related installations in North Vietnam.

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