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As previously described, deployment PERSTEMPO is defined as the number of personnel deployed divided by the total number of personnel at a given point in time. 27 First, we show data that compare Army PERSTEMPO with that of the other services. We use the DMDC proxy PERSTEMPO database, the only database that has PERSTEMPO information for all four services. Second, we examine aggregate PERSTEMPO for the entire active Army over time to determine the extent to which the perceived increase in Army PERSTEMPO in the post–Cold War is real.

24 *The SKILLTEMPO rate reported here is the MOS personnel deployed divided by the MOS deployable population. 40 The October 1994 BEF includes Operation Uphold Democracy (Haiti), which was conducted from September 1994 to April 1995. The July 1996 BEF includes OJE (Bosnia), which is ongoing. 9 shows the fifteen MOSs with highest SKILLTEMPO rates for October 1994, plotted against those same MOSs and associated SKILLTEMPOs for July 1996. We exclude the special operations forces MOSs that have been assigned unusually high SKILLTEMPO rates.

FSA misses shorter Air Force deployments (of less than 30 days); these deployments are especially important in the Air Force. The method used to impute deployment rates tends to underestimate, especially for the Marine Corps (Hosek and Totten, forthcoming). A review of how well the database tracks Navy PERSTEMPO is provided in Cavalluzzo and Reese, 1995. 29We have factored out deployments during ODS. 1—Cross-service PERSTEMPO Comparison Aggregate Army PERSTEMPO over Time To compile PERSTEMPO data for the active Army in aggregate,30 we used two databases: one for 1975–1989 and the second for 1992–1996.

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