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Is There Anything You Want?

What do Mrs H, Rachel, Edwina, Ida, Sarah, Dot, Chrissie have in universal? They're all girls, yet past that they're fats, skinny, outdated, younger, specialist, incompetent - and seem to be as varied as human nature should be. yet they're all survivors.

This compelling novel follows the ripples that exit into traditional lives, women's lives particularly, which were scarred and altered through a shared event, all hooked up by way of a similar health facility medical institution in a small Northern city. it is a novel approximately what it capacity to dwell within the shadow of ailment and with its scars, no matter if psychological and actual, in retrospect over one's shoulder whereas attempting to move ahead. you could journey up or, if you're cautious, you could make it. ..

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It was once the yr that modified everything…When Susannah Nelson grew to become eighteen, she stated so long to her boyfriend, Jake—and by no means observed him back. She by no means observed her brother, Doug, back, both. He died by surprise that very same yr. Now, at fifty, Susannah reveals herself regretting the trails now not taken. lengthy married, a mom and a instructor, she may be chuffed.

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Autobiography of twentieth century Marathi writer.

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This choice of essays protecting hyperlinks with thought and perform applies a serious method of the quick tale shape. a few are theoretical in orientation, masking such concerns as gender and marginality, whereas others provide readings of works through writers akin to Alice Munro and John McGahern.

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