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This publication offers the elemental components of Athanasius' reaction to the significant questions of the identification of Jesus and the character of his courting with God. delivering an invaluable creation on his existence and paintings, the ebook specializes in the tumultuous doctrinal controversies of the day during which he was once a vital determine. Key choices from his writings, newly translated, have all been selected with the intention to featuring the explanation for Athanasius' basic theological positions: the divinity and humanity of Christ, human redemption, the divinity and paintings of the Holy Spirit, the common sense of Christian worship, and the scriptural foundation for the doctrinal formulations of the Council of Nicaea. scholars of heritage and classical stories, or even scholars of spiritual reports will locate this a vital a part of their direction analyzing.

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His account of the relation between God and creation is thus ultimately a Christology conceived in the most universal terms. God and creation: the correlation of theology and anthropology in Athanasius In Against the Greeks—On the Incarnation, the relation between God and creation is conceived in terms of the interlocking of two sets of dialectics: the one, theological; the other, anthropological. In terms of the doctrine of God, Athanasius places dramatic emphasis on the simultaneous contrast and interplay between the “beyondness” of divine nature (physis) and God’s goodness and loving-kindness (philanthropia): God, the creator of the universe and king of all, who is beyond all being (hyperekeina pasēs ousias) and human conception, inasmuch as he is also good and utterly noble, has made humanity in his own image through his own Word, our Savior Jesus Christ.

Then, having in view its own power, as we said before, and 38 INTRODUCTION abusing it, it realized that it can also move its bodily members in the opposite direction. So instead of looking at creation, it turned its eyes toward desires, showing that it can do that too. It thought that as long as it was in motion it would preserve its own dignity and would not be in error in actualizing its capabilities. It did not realize that it was brought into being not merely to be in motion but to move toward what it should.

I entreat you, therefore, that when we are afflicted and INTRODUCTION 31 injured, we should not be troubled but rather give our cheek to the one who strikes us (Mt 5:29) and stoop the shoulder (Gen 49:14, LXX). For the lovers of pleasure and strife are subjected to temptation “when they are lured and enticed by their own desires,” as the blessed apostle James says (Jas 1:14). But as for us, we know that we suffer for the truth and that it is those who deny the Lord who attack and persecute us. Therefore, according to the words of James, we have hope that we shall attain to “the fullness of joy when we encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of our faith produces patience” (Jas 1:2).

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