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By W G P Mair and F M S Tomé (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0443008310

ISBN-13: 9780443008313

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The autophagic vacuoles arise in the muscle fibre as a result of degradation of the various sarcoplasmic components and are a non-specific finding of many disorders of muscle. M Y E L I N AND MEMBRANOUS BODIES Myelin bodies (Plates 40, 41 and 81) occur in any diseased muscle and may be rare or frequent. They are most often seen under the plasma membrane and between myofibrils of degenerating fibres and often lie within large membrane-bound vacuoles, some of which are autophagic vacuoles. Sometimes they are extruded from the muscle fibre into the basement membrane around it (Plate 40 lower part).

EXTRA-OCULAR MUSCLE UPPER. This muscle fibre shows curious zebra striped bodies consisting of light and electron dense filaments. They occur between the surface of the muscle fibre and the nucleus, mitochondria and myofilaments. The dense parts of these zebra bodies are continuous sometimes with the plasma membrane. MAGNIFICATION 16,500 x. LOWER. Near the nucleus of another fibre are mitochondria, a rounded filamentous body, lipid and membranous bodies and masses of glycogen granules. MAGNIFICATION 20,000 C FB G LB Mf Collagen Filamentous body Glycogen Lipid body Myofibrils x.

G. Engel and Dale, 1968 and A. G. Engel, 1970a and b), hyperkalaemic periodic paralysis (Macdonald, Rewcastle and Humphrey, 1968), thyrotoxic hypokalaemic periodic paralysis (Schutta and Armitage, 1969), chloroquine myopathy (Fardeau, 1970), polymyositis (A. G. Engel and Macdonald, 1970), paroxysmal idiopathic myoglobinuria (Schutta, Kelly and Zacks, 1969), Cushing's myopathy (Jerusalem, 1970), alcoholic polyneuropathy (Tome and Mair, 1970) and in rhabdomyoma (Cornog and Gonatas, 1967). The honeycomb structures were first reported by Pellegrino and Franzini (1963) in denervated muscle of rats and have been reported subsequently in experimental animals by other authors.

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