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Published through the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Short classes in Geology Series.

The first version of those brief path notes was once ready by means of Woodward and Boyer for the SE part assembly of the Geological Society of the USA held in Knoxville, Tennessee, March 1985, and released as Dept. of Geol. Sci. stories in Geology, v. eleven. The Structural Geology and Tectonics department of the GSA as a result invited Woodward, Boyer and Suppe to give a day brief path on the nationwide Geological Society of the US assembly in Orlando, Florida, November 1985 (v. eleven, 2d edition). we're tremendous happy that allows you to perform the foreign Geological Congress and feature thoroughly revised the current direction notes.


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The principles of cross-section balancing have been applied to the determination of orogenic shortening and depth-to-detachment [Chamberlain, 1910; Bucher, 1933; Goguel, 1962; Dahlstrom, 1969; Hossack, 19791 for over seventy years so the excitement right now is reinventing the wheel in some ways. For this method to work a number of assumptions must be valid. Inherent in this technique are the assumptions that 1) deformation is plane strain, ie. no movement into or out of the plane of the section; 2) area is conserved, implying no compaction or volume loss, for example by pressure solution of material; and 3) preservation of linelength during deformation.

Distribution of the component parts of the initial Pine Mountain thrust fault, showing how the fault formed at different stratigraphic levels and, through a series of connecting links (tectonic ramps and transverse faults), united to form an integrated thrust system [from Harris and Milici, 19771. Thrust fault surfaces are fractures in threedimensions [Boyer and Elliott, 19821, which logically should be expected to have steps in lateral and frontal directions. The best documented example of threedimensional thrust geometry is the Pine Mountain thrust sheet of Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky (Fig.

Harris, 1970, (c) Wiley-Interscience; compxled from Ashley and Glenn [1906], Bates [1939], Brent [1963], Brokaw and others [1906], Butts [1914, 19331, Crider [1916], Eby [1923], Englund [1957, 1958, 19641, Englund and Roen [1963], Englund and others [1961, 1963, 19641, Giles [1921], Hardeman and others [1966], Harris [1965a, b, c], Harris and Miller 11958, 19631, Harris and others [1962], Hinds [1918], Hodge [1912], Miller 11962, 19651, Miller and Brosge [1954], Miller and Fuller [1954], Swingle [1960a, b], Wentworth [1922, 19271, and Wilson and others [1956]].

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