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By Terry Smith

ISBN-10: 1349350818

ISBN-13: 9781349350810

Examines black electorate' courting to the political strategy and to the 1st black president in a upfront post-racial the United States utilizing interviews with individuals of the Congressional Black Caucus, empirical info, information money owed, educational literature and case legislation.

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87 Given the socioeconomic indicators that portray blacks and Latinos as lagging the general public, it is a fair inference that the new small-donor class is disproportionately white. The only published analysis that suggests black candidates raised most of their funds from black constituents focused on local elections in North Carolina. 89 Thus, the likelihood is that the victorious campaign of Candidate X has been financed largely by white dollars. But if the voting scorecards of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (LCCHR) reviewed in chapter 1 are indicative of the progressive record of most CBC members, perhaps the receipt of white money simply has no effect on black legislators’ performance in office.

Michael Steele: My plan is to say, “Y’all come” (laughter) because a lot of you are already here. Unknown commentator: I’ll bring the collard greens! MS: There ya go! I got the fried chicken and potato salad ok. (laughter) No, the goal of this party has been from its inception about inclusion. How do I know that? 1 There was a period before Obama’s election when former national GOP chairman Michael Steele could be taken more seriously than the mainstream media now does and when the Republican Party appeared to be slowly progressing in a strategy to whipsaw traditional progressive black politics between the currents of race solidarity on the one hand and a supposed untapped affinity to conservative principles on the other.

Far from reducing the role of race in redistricting, the totality of Shaw, its progeny, and Bartlett, increases race saliency in the redistricting process because, unable to rely on courts for protection, black voters and legislators must increasingly fend for themselves to promote black equality. Moreover, the Court’s jurisprudence places a needless constraint on an already-reluctant Democratic Party’s ability to reward black Democrats for their party fealty and to reduce the role of race by more thoroughly integrating blacks into the party’s elected leadership.

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